Casey Kramer
Casey Kramer




JUNE 2014

• Another wonderful treat at my beloved Actors Studio. A screening of Legacy of the Group Theatre, narrated by Joanne Woodward. These guys were the real dream makers: Harold Clurman, Lee Strasberg, Cheryl Crawford, Clifford Odetts. They birthed our modern American acting method.

• Booked a dark funny indie called BONED. Check it here. I don't play the dog walker, the doctor, or the dominatrix, but an over-protective dog lover with an attitude! You'll laugh, I swear these people are funny.

MAY 2014

• Called in for ADR on FAMILY UNIT which means I got to see many of the team again. The scenes I saw look really good. Everybody's happy.

• One of the things I love about the Actors Studio is that we are often visited by wonderful artists. This time, I saw Jan Jonson do his 1-man show about directing WAITING FOR GODOT in prisons around the world. Here's a link to his site. He's really amazing. After the show, he brought along 3 of his cast from Sing-Sing prison to talk about their experience. Wow.

APRIL 2014

MONSTER GIRLS shooting. Fun! Behive hair-do, total rockabilly wonderfulness. Shooting in a cool retro LA apartment building. Dark halls and squeaky floors, yeah.

• Took a hilarious little short film, THE LITTLE OLD LADY FROM RANCHO CUCAMONGA. It's my 2nd horror project. This one, the cat is a bewitched killer at my orders. Lots of blood and gore when kitty goes on a rampage!

MARCH 2014

• Doing a reading of MONSTER GIRLS at We Make Movies over at the Elephant. Very energized group and the reading went great.


• Playing a wonderfully Hawaii-obsessed lady in the Playwrights Unit of the Actors Studio, moderated by Mark Rydell.

• Booked FAMILY UNIT! We're shooting out at Mira Loma prison. The prison is in transition now and the guards are generous with their time, giving us tours. So happy to be doing this.


• Just booked a couple really interesting new media project called MONSTER GIRLS. Playing a rockabilly landlady. It's a kind of Barton Finkish world. Director and writer: Matt Soson.

• Called back for a marvelous film, FAMILY UNIT, about a conjugal visit between a husband and wife. She's in prison for...(shhhh, it's a secret). Very cool young director, Zach Marion.


MERRY CHRISTMAS all and to all a Happy New Year!

• BY THE BOG OF CATS opens. We've been received beautifully. This is an Irish "Medea" with some surprising plot twists -- do come!


• A very Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you all!


• Cast and shooting SCOUT with Danny Glover, directed by the amazing Laurie Weltz. Remember her movie, WRESTLING WITH ALLIGATORS?


• Beginning rehearsals at The Banshee for BY THE BOG OF CATS by Marina Carr. I play The Catwoman a blind "seer."

BEHIND THE CANDELABRA won 11 of its 15 Emmy nominations! Again, an incredible project to be a part of.


BEHIND THE CANDELABRA was NOMINATED for 15 Emmys! I take a sliver of pride for myself and my little turn as Dora Liberace!

• Began readings of a very important play on WWII. Complex characters in a rich setting, but hush-hush on the title at this point. :)

• The Actors Studio thrives. Working on Williams' 27 WAGONS FULL OF COTTON.

MARCH 2013

WINNERS! Took home the award for Best Ensemble from the LADCC Awards for NEW ELECTRIC BALLROOM! Thanks LADCC. I know we are all grateful for all you do for our community. I also won a great silent auction, proceeds going to LADCC! Congrats all around!